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  • 'Glory of The Garden' Tea Towel

The Glory of The Garden - A great gift for those green-fingered friends!


"The garden is a favourite place just packed with pleasing views,

of borders, beds and shrubberies, green lawns and avenues,

Trees, flowers, ponds and bushes, fat robins bobbing by,

the result of all our labours, right there before the eye.

The greenhouse and the potting-shed which are the heart of all,

are packed with every "vital" tool, just by the garden wall.

The mower and the secateurs, the compost and the tanks,

the shears, forks, the spades and gloves, wheelbarrow, pots and planks.

A garden is a work of art, such treasures are not made by singing:--

"Oh how beautiful!" and sitting in the shade,

but kneeling, digging, lugging stuff, the chores that fill our lives,

like grabbing weeds from gravel paths with broken kitchen knives.

The endless tasks - like mowing lawns and pulling weeds with care.

How often have we heard that cry "I didn't put that there"!

And when your back stops aching and your hands begin to harden,

it's time to sip that cup of tea in the "Glory of the Garden"."

'Glory of The Garden' Tea Towel

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